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US-3782440-A: Pneumatic vehicle tire patent, US-3824651-A: Faller bar construction patent, US-6633460-B2: Thin-film magnetic head having adjusted magnetostriction patent, US-3875334-A: Multi-channel control circuit with D-C operated control devices patent, US-3880915-A: Method for preparation of {66 {hu 2,5{b -cyclohexadiene dicarboxylic acid-1,2 by reducing aqueous solutions of alkali phthalate with alkali amalgam patent, US-3910726-A: Water lifting device patent, US-3927559-A: Torque measuring means for miniature watch motors or the like patent, US-3967626-A: Calf extractor patent, US-3999432-A: Flowmeter patent, US-4016194-A: Preparative process for preparing phenylenediacetate diesters patent, US-4095630-A: Wood lathe cutting tool patent, US-4108183-A: Differential hair curler patent, US-4113390-A: Optical sight tube for fluid conduits patent, US-4139213-A: Ski brake patent, US-4154236-A: Oxygen respirator with oxygen-supplying chemical cartridge patent, US-4161602-A: Fluorinated amphoteric and cationic surfactants containing a pyridinium moiety patent, US-4163450-A: Method and apparatus for weaning patient from continuous mechanical ventilation patent, US-4166204-A: Switch for timer patent, US-4168557-A: Pool cleaners patent, US-4185328-A: Sight and vision protection for arc welding helmet patent, US-4232275-A: Adjustable mirror mount for a laser patent, US-4233827-A: Unsymmetrical basket for an orbital clothes washer patent, US-4253756-A: Three operational mode camera patent, US-4272023-A: Telescopic sinking hydrant patent, US-4278934-A: Electrode assembly for a moisture meter patent, US-4283581-A: Hydrogenation process patent, US-4291597-A: Cork extractor patent, US-4298010-A: Breathing alcohol testing device patent, US-4300896-A: Device for folding materials to be folded patent, US-4308176-A: Catalyst and method for producing said catalyst patent, US-4475166-A: Digital signal processing apparatus with improved display patent, US-4478462-A: Linear ball bearing unit patent, US-4480761-A: Tamper indicating closure for a container patent, US-4499874-A: System for controlling the ignition timing of an engine patent, US-4549904-A: Process for the preparation of pellets patent, US-4560513-A: Process for the recovery of lecithin patent, US-4581032-A: Intraocular lens patent, US-4588406-A: Intraocular lens patent, US-4599098-A: Optical fiber and method of producing same patent, US-4640705-A: Method for combatting blackgrass in cereal crops and compositions therefor patent, US-4647697-A: Process for producing azine compounds patent, US-4669380-A: Safety device for a sheet-fed rotary press patent, US-4677776-A: Device for marking presence, reservation or information patent, US-4686330-A: Telephone switching system patent, US-4708346-A: Golf club with alignment device patent, US-4742709-A: Powerplant simulators for aircraft patent, US-4791875-A: Needle guard for sewing machine patent, US-4834024-A: Inducing polyploidy in oysters patent, US-4920150-A: Method for production of stabilized sodium ascorbate powder patent, US-5014356-A: Dropseat jumpsuit patent, US-5112856-A: Therapeutic treatment of intestinal inflammation by administration of 3,4-dihydro-2H-1-benzopyran derivatives patent, US-5163529-A: Apparatus for sensing position of a member in a vehicle steering gear patent, US-5191546-A: Time-interpolation method for digital beamformers patent, US-5221740-A: Oxepane isomers of rapamycin useful as immunosuppressive agents patent, US-5321085-A: High modulus rubber composition patent, US-5361197-A: Method and apparatus for controlling an inverter generating a plurality of phase voltages patent, US-5417215-A: Method of tissue characterization by ultrasound patent, US-5493051-A: Lifibrol and its use patent, US-5497178-A: Multicolor liquid ink jet print head patent, US-5529266-A: Kite patent, US-5731911-A: Zoom lens system patent, US-5892565-A: Progressive multifocal lens patent, US-6151832-A: Window balance cam housing patent, US-6166230-A: Sterol extraction with polar solvent to give low sterol, high triglyceride, microbial oil patent, US-6220209-B1: Rocking follower mechanism for three-dimensional cam patent, US-6492566-B1: Process for the preparation of dihydroxydiphenylmethanes patent, US-6523410-B2: Angular rate sensor patent, US-6764171-B2: Pressure regulator, cartridge using the same and method for indicating remaining cartridge content patent, US-3797276-A: Sliding joint for transmitting torque patent, US-3897909-A: Milling apparatus patent, US-3910263-A: Method and a device for obtaining a desired, substantially constant adjustable force in an attaching point patent, US-3978737-A: Chain tensioning device patent, US-4063474-A: Torque limiting screwdriver patent, US-4065132-A: Maze puzzle patent, US-4169347-A: Belt-type baler for cylindrical bales patent, US-4188727-A: Constant pressure slide calipers for inside-outside measurements patent, US-4239462-A: Heat barrier for motor-pump aggregates patent, US-4242524-A: Process for the preparation of 2-(4'-nitrophenyl)-propionic acid patent, US-4406904-A: Method of inhibiting luteinizing hormone secretion with 6,7-benzomorphan derivatives patent, US-4442604-A: Pastry forming and cutting utensil patent, US-4466209-A: Loader for muzzle-loading firearms patent, US-4469006-A: Automatic fire-arm patent, US-4567890-A: Pair of bipolar diathermy forceps for surgery patent, US-4631985-A: Device for holding a screw or the like patent, US-4636428-A: Weft inserted warp knit fencing product patent, US-4666413-A: Life-saving appliance with a gas-tight covering patent, US-4695044-A: Apparatus for securing a photosensitive sheet patent, US-4706029-A: Pulsed gas control for NMR spinner speed adjustment patent, US-4721221-A: Molded plastic closure with sealing liner patent, US-4844782-A: Method in staining and destaining of electrophoretic gels patent, US-4903019-A: Sampling frequency converter for converting a lower sampling frequency to a higher sampling frequency and a method therefor patent, US-4921102-A: One piece carrier tape and method of forming same patent, US-4924183-A: Method of determining the spectral distribution of the nuclear magnetization in a limited volume, and device for performing the method patent, US-5038716-A: Rubbing pedestal and perch for cats patent, US-5150463-A: Multi processor data processing system with remote packet copying mechanism patent, US-5168746-A: Ambient ether vapor testing apparatus and method patent, US-5341850-A: Heddle frame levelling apparatus for a rocking lever cam drive patent, US-5460439-A: Sealed transfer system patent, US-5498322-A: Aluminum alloy cathode plate for electrowinning of zinc patent, US-5768571-A: System and method for altering the clock frequency to a logic controller controlling a logic device running at a fixed frequency slower than a computer system running the logic device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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